Journalists and Twitter

   Today we live in a digital world so, it only makes sense that journalists are all over social media sites. An article in the Washington Post states, that 40 percent of journalists rank social media as high in importance in regards to their work. After a select number of journalists were surveyed, it was discovered that Twitter is the most popular form of social media for journalists today. Journalists actively use their twitter accounts to get and report breaking news. The Washington post also stated that 60 percent of the journalists surveyed think that social media creates a quicker way to report the news.


   I think this article’s statistics are spot on. As I am scrolling through my feed I often find tweets with links to news stories. Also on Tuesday the 9th, we had a guest speaker from ABC2 News, Nick DiMarco, talk to the class about his job. DiMarco keeps all social media sites for the station up to date and reports breaking news. He does a lot of this using Twitter. So, I now see how important of a roll Twitter plays in the way we find out about some news stories. 


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