Towson Student Fueled by Coffee

For Sophomore Jacob Badin, a daily routine is somewhat similar to that of a full time college student. For five days a week Badin attends Towson University where he is studying secondary Spanish education.

Towson student Jacob Badin proudly displays his Partner of the Quarter plaque.

Towson student Jacob Badin proudly displays his Partner of the Quarter plaque. (Photo by: Allison Bazzle/TU student)

“The idea of becoming a Spanish teacher took me awhile to settle on. I knew I wanted to do something in regards to teaching, I just did not know what,” says Badin. “My 11th grade Spanish teacher definitely helped me learn to love the language and exposed me to more culture.”

As a commuter Badin also faces the challenges of rush hour traffic and finding time to keep up with his studies.

Time management is a huge part of Badin’s life because aside from being a full time student, he is also a full time Starbucks shift supervisor.

As a shift supervisor at the Towson mall Starbucks, Badin must handle all financial transactions inside the store. He also manages the baristas on his shift giving them breaks and assigning them certain jobs. Making sure every customer who enters the store leaves highly satisfied, is also part of the job.

Even with his busy schedule Badin has still found the time to excel at Starbucks.

For starters, Badin is a certified coffee master. This is a title earned after a six month long training process. The title renders Badin a master of all things pertaining to coffee. He can describe the taste of every roast to customers and even pair their favorite roast with a complementing food. “It’s a really fun process because you get immersed in coffee culture and knowledge,” says Badin.

This year Badin was voted Partner of the Quarter by all of his peers at work. The staff vote on a barista that they feel has gone above and beyond set expectations. The Partner of the Quarter is awarded a certificate and a bonus in their paycheck. “It was a definite surprise,” said Badin. “I thought someone else would get it for sure.”

Recently Badin has also won the Starbucks Barista Championships for district and area levels. This newly developed competition puts baristas head to head in various categories. The baristas are judged on their coffee knowledge, latte art and customer skills. Badin will be competing in the Mid-Atlantic championships in June, in Philadelphia.

“Jacob is the guy I always go to for help at work,” says coworker and Towson student Aaron Jones. “He knows how to handle difficult customers and knows exactly how many calories are in a caramel latte when they ask.”

Even though going to school and working full time gets stressful for Badin, his coworkers make it fun.

“The coffee cultures great, the customers are great, but working with everyone that’s on my team, they’re just phenomenal,” says Badin. “They’re all really nice and they make me laugh a lot at work. We have some good times that’s for sure.”


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