A Land Straight Out of Santa’s Imagination


Have you ever wished you could travel to the North Pole and visit Santa’s workshop? The Festival of Trees fundraiser put on by Kennedy Krieger can help you make this dream a reality.

“We like to say if Santa had a theme park, this would be it,” said Michele Mueller, the director of special events at Kennedy Krieger.

The Festival of Trees has something for everyone. At the event you can view and purchase decorated trees, wreaths and gingerbread houses. There is an entertainment area, food court and over 100 gift vendors. Continue reading


Towson Student Fueled by Coffee

For Sophomore Jacob Badin, a daily routine is somewhat similar to that of a full time college student. For five days a week Badin attends Towson University where he is studying secondary Spanish education.

Towson student Jacob Badin proudly displays his Partner of the Quarter plaque.

Towson student Jacob Badin proudly displays his Partner of the Quarter plaque. (Photo by: Allison Bazzle/TU student)

“The idea of becoming a Spanish teacher took me awhile to settle on. I knew I wanted to do something in regards to teaching, I just did not know what,” says Badin. “My 11th grade Spanish teacher definitely helped me learn to love the language and exposed me to more culture.”

As a commuter Badin also faces the challenges of rush hour traffic and finding time to keep up with his studies.

Time management is a huge part of Badin’s life because aside from being a full time student, he is also a full time Starbucks shift supervisor.

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Towson University promotes healthy dining on campus

(Photo by Allison Bazzle/ TU student) Newell dining hall before the lunch rush.

(Photo by Allison Bazzle/ TU student) Newell dining hall before the lunch rush.

When Sophomore Tyler Persing was recently accepted into Towson University for the Spring 2015 semester, his diet began to suffer.

“Suddenly I was exposed to a variety of my favorite foods all in one place, for one price,” said Persing.

Before his acceptance, Persing had mainly been eating at home in Bel Air, Maryland. Here, his family created balanced meals like salmon with steamed broccoli, or baked chicken and zucchini.

But when Persing’s job, schooling and time moved an hour away to the Towson area, he found it increasingly difficult to eat healthy.

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New Club At Towson Focuses On Crafting For Cancer Patients


You Got Mail members making bookmarks for cancer patients. The club members crafted for an hour. (Photo by: Allison Bazzle/ TU Student)

A group of Towson students are starting a new club that will brighten the lives of cancer patients all over the area.

“Since beginning the club, You Got Mail, the goal has been to establish ourselves and make an impact on the community. It’s all about the patients,” said the club Vice President Maria Ritchie.

At each meeting, members write inspiring letters and craft for cancer patients. Once a good number of crafts are collected, a representative for the club will distribute them to hospitals in the area. So far the clubs’ president, Brittney Walker, has been in contact with Greater Baltimore Medical Center, St. Joseph Medical Center and Union Memorial Hospital.

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